Some new approaches to the analysis of the population ageing

Branislav Šprocha, INFOSTAT – Demographic Research Centre, Slovak Republic

pages: 23 – 35


Population ageing is one of the most important phenomena of the 21st century. All demographically developed populations are facing and will face an unprecedented and, in many aspects, dynamically deepening ageing process. Despite the rapid changes in this process, most of the analytical approaches use conventional tools and approaches. However, they cannot entirely capture the full width of this complex process, and often even give a distorted picture of it. The aim of the paper is to point out some new approaches to the analysis of population ageing that are developing recently and to bring them closer to the Slovak scientific community, which has not yet reflected themsignificantly. We will try to point out the need to apply these new approaches, their advantages and the possibilities of practical construction. In addition, we will emphasize some of the practical requirements to shifting attention from the classic approach to looking at age and ageing to new indicators looking more comprehensively at ageing.

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