• The publisher authorizes the editorial office to issue the journal. The journal´s editorial office is externally represented by the Executive Editor.
  • The editorial office should confirm to the author the acceptance of the research paper draft. The editorial office has the right to reject those proposals which do not correspond to the scientific character of the journal, do not respect its scientific nature, or if it finds that the submitted research paper draft does not follow the principles of publication ethics.
  • Before sending the research paper drafts to the reviewers, the Executive Editor should check whether they comply with the formal requirements pursuant to the guidelines for the authors. If necessary, the proposals are edited and authors are advised to make some contentual, stylistic, graphic or other changes in the text.
  • The final language editing of articles (control of texts in Slovak, Czech and English language) is provided by the editorial office in cooperation with the language editors, if it’s necessary in cooperation with the authors of articles.
  • The Executive Editor should put emphasis on the correctness, objectivity and impartiality, in the communication with authors, reviewers and the members of the editorial board. He/she should notify the editorial board of the potential suspicion of a conflict of interest and their possible consequences.
  • The editorial office should protect the confidentiality of personal data, the content of review reports and the correspondence with authors and reviewers as well.
  • The editorial office should publish on the website the guidelines for the authors and when necessary, update them with the approval of the editorial board.
  • After the approval by the editorial board, the editorial office should ensure publication and updating of the principles of publication ethics at the website and should constantly remind the authors and reviewers about the rules of publication ethics.