• The research paper draft submitted to the editorial board of the Slovak Statistics and Demography journal should neither be subject to review proceedings with another journal, nor should it be published in another specialised or other journal. The submitted nonresearch paper drafts should also be original (not published yet).
  • If the author submits a modify or supplemented research paper draft to the editorial board, he/she should indicate the scope of changes made and, at the end of the text, to add an information about when and where the original article has been published.
  • Authors are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of data contained in the research or nonresearch paper drafts, including personal data disclosed pursuant to the guidelines for authors. They should continue to bear responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the methodology used, the interpretations of conclusions and for the accurate and precise citation of literary sources used in the research paper proposals. Plagiarism and the use unreliable sources are unacceptable and are considered serious breaches of publication ethics.
  • If the paper draft has more authors they should decide in what order their names will be listed. A person should not be referred to as a co-author if he/she was not significantly involved in the preparation and elaboration of the research paper draft, or has not conducted his/her own research of which the results are the content of the research paper draft, neither a person who has not given approval for publishing the final version of research paper, or hadn’t agreed that his/her name would be in the list of co-authors.
  • At the end of the research paper draft, the authors are required to indicate all the public resources and other forms of aid used to finance their research or the publication of the results contained in the research paper drafts.
  • During the review proceedings, the authors are required to actively cooperate with the editorial office of the journal, remove or correct mistakes pointed out by reviewers and they should immediately notify the editorial office about all the serious mistakes or inaccuracies, even if the mistakes were discovered later by themselves.
  • If the authors of research papers do not accept the suggestions and recommendations of reviewers, they have the right to inform the editorial board through the Executive Editor. In such cases, the editorial board should follow special rules. The resulting opinion of the editorial board should be binding for the authors of research paper drafts.
  • Authors have the right to withdraw their research paper drafts if they do not accept the opinion of the editorial board. The editorial office is obliged to respect the authors´ decision.
  • There are no fees associated with processing and publication of contributions. Authors are not required to charges for submission article to the journal´s editorial office.  Authors are not required to contribute to costs of processing, formatting, or storing publications.
  • The journal is archived in The Slovak National Library, in The University Library in Bratislava and in the others univerzity libraries in the Slovak Republic.