Spatial differentiation of population distribution in the context of current residence in the Slovak Republic as of 01. January 2021

Kristián Óvári, Martin Kočiš, Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic

Type of article: scientific article
Pages: 5 – 29


The article deals with the comparison of the population with permanent and current residence according to data from 2021 Census. In the article, we will focus in more detail on the methodology of data collection on current residence, but also on the interpretation of the results and the spatial differentiation of different permanent and current residence at different levels – from the level of the Slovak Republic (NUTS 1) to the level of municipalities (LAU 2). Other chapters contain a description of selected socio-economic characteristics of residents currently residing abroad, as well as the impact of differences in the examined residences on the changes in the aging index at individual levels.

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