Socio-economic conditionality of the youths’ health-related behaviour

Roman Džambazovič, Daniel Gerbery, Ján Sopóci, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Pages: 81 – 99


Article focuses on the socio-economic and cultural and behavioural factors of young people’s health in Slovakia. The authors analyse the socio-economic conditionality of health-related risk behaviour of young people using data from the EHIS 2014. Binary logistic regression between socio-economic status has shown a clear link between income and household work intensity, and smoking. As for drinking alcohol, the results are not so clear and household income seems to be a major differentiating factor. While chances of getting addicted to smoking are significantly higher among young persons from low-income households, alcohol consumption is more common among their better-off peers.

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