Creation of statistical address points as an base for the territorial preparation of the 2021 population and housing census

Andrea Schittenhelm, Lucia Vanišová, Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic

Pages: 16 – 26


The aim of the territorial preparation was the integration of administrative data sources and field surveys. Statistical address points were created for all inhabited dwellings that did not meet the condition for assigning an address point according to the Address Register. The field survey took place in two stages. The first stage was within the framework of population harmonization and the second stage was directly during the ongoing housing census. Statistical address points were collected in the field survey through a web and mobile application of territorial preparation. They were processed using the ArcGIS Pro application in version 2.8.3, in which they were assigned statistical land registry number or statistical house numbers and spatial attributes. Subsequently, they were integrated into the system of electronic housing census, where they were edited by authorized persons in the municipality. A total of 14 617 statistical address points were identified in 879 municipalities in Slovakia, with the most frequent occurrences in the Košice and Prešov regions. The most common unconventional dwellings used for housing were unapproved family houses and shacks. The prepared statistical address points also served as a basis for the population census, where the residents could indicate the statistical land registry number as the usual residence and the statistical house number as the permanent residence in the census form.

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