Analysis of diversification of education sector in the context of regional structures

Róbert Grác, Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic

pages: 13 – 39


Regional structures are heterogeneous systems, which consist of interacting partial elements in space. Understanding the behavior of individual elements requires mastering different geostatistical methods. Economic activity of the population in various sectors is an important part of national economy, because structural features of economic activity is a reflection of the socio-economic society. This paper focuses on selected sector of the national economy – education sector, which is not given sufficient space recently. The research is focused on the concentration processes of the population employed in education using selected geostatistical methods in order to identify trends in the concentration of this phenomenon. The defined objective provides a detailed look at not only the spatial differentiation of the phenomenon, but also points to the significance of the concentration phenomenon in space and classification of territorial units in hierarchical categorization in the context of the significance of the concentration phenomenon in space.

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