Addressing the housing needs of young people

Mikuláš Cár, National bank of Slovakia, Slovak Republic

Pages: 69 – 80


Housing is an objective need of every citizen and the degree of fulfilling this need is generally determined by a number of demand and supply factors. State housing policy should be among the first supply factors to be mentioned, because it directly affects the number of housing units built. Solution of housing needs on the demand side is mainly associated with the demographic changes and current and future income situation. We can differentiate between three different phases in the lifecycle of a man’s relation to housing. The first phase during childhood could be labelled as “parental cohabitation”. The next phase is associated with the young people´s parental abandonement and their housing solution for the first time in their lives. The third phase tends to be associated with improving the quality of housing situation at older age. The most difficult phase is the second one, which addresses housing needs of youngsters, either leaving their parents or already setting up their own families. The housing needs of young people are addressed though certain specificities of these communities, identify their housing needs, real possibilities and also take other contexts into account.

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